Bank Of America Closed My Accounts With No Notifications

The story started with me trying to get gas to go on a gold prospecting trip with my cousin. Some of my credit cards broke in my wallet earlier in the week(they don’t make them the way they use to) and another one expired. I was left to use my Bank of America credit card since it was the only option (Diane is in GA visiting family and has all her cards with her). So here I am at the gas station and the card isn’t authorizing. I go inside and the card is denied. So I call the number on the back of the card and I get a nice voice telling me the account has been closed with no option to speak to a person. So I drive home and get another number to call. Still no luck the guy can’t even hear me talking. Then I get on bank of america’s chat with maxwell. Here is the conversation I had with him. I know it is long but definitely think it will be worth the time to read.

Maxwell: Welcome to Credit Card Chat Service! My name is Maxwell. I am here to assist you with your personal Credit card Accounts. May I know your complete name as it appears on the Credit Card or statement?

You: unbelievable

You: Don Page

You: waited on the phone for 5 minutes and the person couldn’t even hear me talking

Maxwell: Hello! Don

You: maxwell you got to help me out

Maxwell: I do apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Maxwell: Sure.

You: I cannot use my credit card

You: stopped to get gas and no zip codes worked and tried inside and the card was denied

You: what is going on here!?

You: It is the 90s all over again nothing works

You: nightmare got to start carrying cash again

Maxwell: I understand that you wish to know why your card got declined

Maxwell: I do apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

You: credit cards breaking left and right in my wallet they don’t make them the way they use to

Maxwell: Thank you for bringing this to our attention and allowing me to take care of this for you.

Maxwell: I would be more than happy to take a look at that for you.

You: please do I am trying to get to my cousins for a gold prospecting trip but I’m here at home on the computer trying to get this worked out

Maxwell: I will surely check that for you.

You: what do you need from my end

Maxwell: Thank you for your patience, I will be right with you.

Maxwell: May I please have the last four digits of your card?

You: digits removed

Maxwell: Thank you.

Maxwell: For verification purposes, could you please provide the last four digits of your Social Security Number and date of birth?

You: data removed

Maxwell: Perfect! I appreciate you answering the verification questions!

You: come on maxwell you got to help me out here. why is my card not working and how can I get it working asap

Maxwell: Sure.

Maxwell: Let me get you the complete information.

Maxwell: I have reviewed your account and I have checked and would like to inform you that your account ending in – data removed is in blocked status. It means that the card is closed. The card was closed by the bank.

Maxwell: Your card was closed on 03/21/2012

You: you got to be kidding me!

You: impossible

Maxwell: In order to use the card again, you will need to place a request for the re-opening of your account.

You: a payment was made on 4/28/2012

You: 19.62

You: how in the world can they close my account and I still make a payment

You: something isn’t right here…first they close my checking, then my savings, then my credit card!

You: and they wonder why they aren’t my primary choice when it comes to banking

Maxwell: I certainly understand your point of view

You: maxwell how in the world can I get this account opened again. I live 5 hours from the nearest branch!

You: we got to get this opened online

You: it is the only card in my wallet that is not broken

Maxwell: You need not to go anywhere to place a request to re-open the account

Maxwell: Yes, I am able to submit the request to re-open your Credit Card account for which I need some additional information.

Maxwell: Is that okay with you?

You: you bet its ok with me! wasn’t ok with me to close the account but nobody asked me then

You: what is in the past is in the past now

You: lets get this account opened so I can make my trip this weekend

Maxwell: Sure.

Maxwell: Do you authorize card services to review your credit and employment histories and other information in order to process your request, service your account and manage your relationship with us?

You: is card services a third party company here?

Maxwell: No, it is Bank Of America

You: well you bet I authorize them

Maxwell: Thank you.

Maxwell: We can look into having your account re-opened. Please keep in mind, Federal law requires that we collect income information to determine your ability to pay. I just need to ask you a few questions?

You: ask away

Maxwell: Thank you.

Maxwell: May I have, your mailing address, income please, your occupation, Current employer’s name, your designation and the length of the service please?

You: data removed

You: my income is removed. I am a full time student and graduate in December. Work with the school as a student developer- Brigham Young University – I have employment with them until the end of the year. 

You: I’m only able to work 20 hours a week at the moment

Maxwell: Thank you.

You: got to pay the bills and support the family

You: you know how it is maxwell you got kids?

Maxwell: I certainly understand that

Maxwell: No, I am not married yet. But, I love kids!

You: they cost a fortune

You: which is why I’m in school man

You: hopefully this weekend my cousin and I can find some gold

You: hoping you can get me going with the only credit card left in my wallet

You: my wife’s bank is closed

You: she’s out in GA visiting family

Maxwell: Yes, I am helping you in placing the request to re-open the account

You: how long does it take after the request to re-open the account?

Maxwell: I would like to inform you that once the request will be submitted, you will be notified about the decision within 5 to 7 business days

Maxwell: I have checked and would like to inform you  that we have a different address on the account

You: of course you do we moved last week before this semester started

You: old address was data removed

You: just down the block

Maxwell: Yes, we have data removed

Maxwell: Do you wish me to update data removed?

You: yes please update but maxwell

You: 5 days!

You: you got to be kidding me

You: I’ll be dead by then

You: you got to help me out….5 days!

You: my other credit cards that broke will be in the mail by then

You: call the man in charge up and let him now I need this account activated now

You: you can’t tell me that its normal for a bank to close a guys credit card account with no reason or notification even after he continues to make payments on it and expect the guy to wait 5 days for it to be reopened!

You: you got to be KIDDING ME!


Maxwell: I certainly understand the urgency of the card

You: well then you understand 5 days won’t get me gas in my car

You: I got 4 broken credit cards and one that is useless

You: and just why exactly does it take 5 days!?

Maxwell: This is the standard timeframe for the account to be reviewed by our Credit department

You: your telling me it takes someone 5 days to look at an account

Maxwell: Once the account is reviewed for re-opening request, then within 5 to 7 business days , they send you the letter with the decision

You: look its not like I’m opening a credit card account for the first time

You: getting a NEW credit card account takes a total of 30 seconds to run a credit score and bam your in

You: but reopening an account takes 14,400 times that amount of time

You: think about that for a second something isn’t right here

Maxwell: Yes, I do understand that but while re-opening the account, your Credit check is also done which required sometime for the account to be re-opened

You: you know what

You: forget about it

You: Its obvious I can’t get anywhere with this bank

You: I’m DONE

Maxwell: No, it is not like that

You: It is exactly like that

Maxwell: I am trying my best to assist you in the best possible manner

You: but maxwell let me put it this way

You: you go to a restaraunt and they serve you trash. They treat you like a king but serve you trash. The customer service isn’t the issue here. You are assisting me, but the product is trash

You: 5 days is unacceptable

You: closing accounts with NO notice is unacceptable

You: so you just don’t go back to the restaurant

Maxwell: I certainly understand your point if view

You: The services a bank provides is suppose to serve and make your life easier

Maxwell: I apologize for the typing error.

Maxwell: of*

You: did BOA make my life any easier?

You: I would have been better to keep cash in my wallet

Maxwell: I wish I could help you further regarding to expedite the request for account re-open

You: unless you expedite the request for today then you can’t help me

Maxwell: If I could have been able to do it, I would have certainly done it for you

You: Maxwell cancel the request I don’t want my credit score to be pulled AGAIN!

You: I am officially done with BOA

You: has nothing to do with America

Maxwell: I have not placed any request so far

You: I guess this would be the time for me to request to close my accounts but thank you BOA, you made that easier by already closing them all without my request.